Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Thou Shalt Not Kill Animals

If I was a dictator, or even the elected leader of a country, with a healthy majority in parliament, and the back up of most of my party - which is a whole lot of ifs -

I'd ban the deliberate killing of all animals, allowing submissions to be excepted from the law under very limited circumstances.

I'd allow those who run businesses, the survival of which depends on their killing other living things - eg. slaughterhouses - or which depends on others killing animals eg. livestock farmers, butchers - an amount of time, say five to ten years, to turn around their business so that it has a fair chance of survival without the need for animals to be killed.

People would say this is an unfair infringement of their rights but our rights are already curtailed by thousands of acts of legislation. We are not allowed to kill other humans except under rare circumstances. Moreover we are not allowed to kill certain animals or birds, either because they are owned by humans eg. a dog, or because they are endangered (usually because of other human activity) eg. ospreys in Scotland.

This would mean that meat eating would end, changing the culture of our culture and cuisine dramatically. It would also change the nature of our countryside, as currently large tracts of land are used solely for the grazing of cattle and sheep.

It's a moral point of course. We are intelligent enough to be able to produce the food, clothing shelter, education, and health services we need without killing any other living things intentionally. So the moral rule - do no harm if you can avoid it - applies.