Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Elements of a Good Society

I think we sometimes get so engrossed in the soap opera of politics, the fire fighting, the crises, the opportunities to stick it to the opposition, that we sometimes forget to remember what we are actually seeking to attain. So in this and some future posts I'll sketch out some basic things I think need to exist for a society to call itself good.

The first is ensuring that everyone can feel secure about their basic needs - food, clothing and shelter. Amazingly this is not the case in Britain, nor within Scotland, the part of Britain I live in. I buy three items every week from the supermarket, drawn from a list of things the local food bank says they need most. We have people who rely on a food charity to feed themselves and their families.

I'm off in half an hour to go to Edinburgh to do a talk this evening. Every time I arrive at Waverley Station and go to somewhere within ten minutes walk from the station I pass at least three people begging. They are homeless. They might have temporary accommodation - might - but they have nowhere that they can call home.

So that's two of the three basic needs of a good society not being met by one of the world's largest economies. Not enough food, and no home.

We need to have economic and social strategies in order to sort this shameful failure as our number one priority.