Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Thing 8 - Mis-selling now mis-handling of complaints about mis-selling

Lloyds Banking Group and Deloitte. Two of the biggest names in UK business. How did we get to this latest mess?

It beggars belief that a major bank could ever get into this situation. It appears that staff of their agent in this work, Deloitte, seemed to be putting obstacles in the way of customers registering complaints about mis-selling of PPIs.

The mis-selling was one of the major financial scandals of recent years.

It should have been management's priority to ensure that every person working on this brand-ruining matter handled complaints quickly, positively and politely.

Instead it appears that staff were trained to deliberately hinder customers making a complaint in the hope that the customer would give up trying to get redress.

This is a grotesque state of affairs. It seems somewhere in the culture of either Lloyds Banking Group or their supplier Deloitte or both is a cancer so deep it cannot be reached and cut out. Imagine even thinking of misleading the customer when they complain about having been misled by you in the past!

This type of activity destroys the very fabric of society and if not addressed firmly will not end well. When the rich and the powerful continually ignore the legitimate grievances of the mass of ordinary people eventually something gives.