Sunday, 9 June 2013

Thing 5 - Gruelling Polish Meeting Ends Well

I was asked to attend a meeting of the members of the Sikorski Polish Club in Glasgow. Two months ago at the AGM board members were elected as usual. This time though a whole raft of recently-joined members stood and were voted in much to the surprise and suspicions of long-term members

In the intervening two months mistrust has grown so the meeting today was an attempt by both sides to move forward. In classic Polish style grievances were aired on both sides, mostly cul-de-sacs and tangents. This made the process wearing, worsened by the fact that it was very hot in the room, and we were all missing the glorious sunshine outside the window

However three hours after the start of the meeting we had reached an amicable way forward. The new board members are highly intelligent, highly qualified professionals but maybe in a way that made them a bit blind to the need for understanding the current older, slower culture of the Club. The meeting was a real clash of cultures rather than an exciting blend of the best of the old and the new

But a constructive result was attained and there's the real possibility that we might yet achieve this combination of high level management and deep long-term culture and heritage. The Polish-Scots deserve an organisation which can serve them to the highest of qualities and which can bring and offer the best of Polish culture, art, food and drink. Let's hope we're getting there