Sunday, 9 June 2013

Thing 4: Biking in the Early Morning

I went out on my bike at 07.10. It was 10 degrees centigrade, warm enough to feel comfortable, cool enough to feel fine. I haven't used my bike much since I got it last year to help me rebuild my leg muscles after I ruptured my Achilles tendon

I saw a yellowhammer for only the second time in my life. It's a beautiful little bird about the size of a sparrow with a bright yellow head and white parts on its tail. It landed on a hedge on the road to Quarter near Eddlewood in Hamilton. The only other time I have seen one was on the main drive into one of my favourite places, Chatelherault Country Park in Ferniegair just outside Hamilton. There it was on the grass

My bike run was from home along to Quarter up to Limekilnburn and back along the Strathaven Road to home. It's 4.9 miles in all so a fairly gentle morning ride at a very leisurely 8.1 miles per hour

I'm doing it for three related reasons:

1. to get gentle aerobic exercise. I'm not allowed to run or do heavy exercise because of a long-term very damaged knee.
2. to get outside more and enjoy being closer to nature
3. to spend some time relaxing in this way

The challenge for me is to make this a daily practice and to continue it in wet and cold weather later in the year