Saturday, 8 June 2013

Thing 3: The Beauty of Early Morning

It's 05.28 and I've been up for ten minutes

This happens in the summer, with the lovely early sunrise. The light must awaken in me the desire to join the day

Early morning is my favourite time of day. Before the working world begins there's a calmness, a sense of peace and stillness that slowly seeps into you so you start to feel that way too

Today is Sunday so the feeling is magnified. There won't be a rush to work for most people today so everything is at a slower more measured pace. A more human pace

The cats know. Mia is up and outside already. Our two rabbits are awake and looking at the world from their vantage point on top of their hutch inside the run. Big chunky Mr Pigeon was chomping at the sunflower hearts we put out onto the bird table. Who knows when they started to enjoy the day

My body is always quite stiff and creaky when I wake up. I don't like to do stretches straight away. It feels like it's too much strain on the system. So instead I just start to do the everyday things in life. Put on the kettle. Make a cup of green tea to start my day a healthy way. Walk around a little opening the blinds, feeding cats and rabbits, and birds if their food needs topped up. That movement starts to ease some of the tightness in my muscle groups in a natural way and makes them readier for stretching

Three main areas of my body are naturally tightest and most strained first thing. My neck and shoulders, my lower back, and my hamstrings. My hamstrings are the worst in terms of tightness, and because they are such big long muscles it seems to take a lot of gentle effort to enable them to slowly warm up and stretch out. But it's my neck and shoulders that feel worst. Knotted and tight, achy every morning, almost as if I'd been hibernating for six months.

But once I've walked a little then stretched my body begins to feel loose and relaxed and my day lightens accordingly.