Saturday, 8 June 2013

Thing 1 - A New Journal

This new blog is an experiment. It will be where I note in a simple style the array of responses I have to life. Hopefully they will be filtered through my mindfulness practices

I find writing therapeutic, mind-clearing. It helps me move on to the next thing when I am mentally stuck

I have made this a blog rather than a private notebook journal because I have learned that sometimes what a person writes can help a reader. The reader can be many thousands of miles away and can be someone completely unknown to the writer and yet deep connection is achieved

This happened with my poetry cycle For There is Hope. I kept them private for years then shared them online with some people who had similar situations to the theme of the poetry. They wrote to me saying how much my words helped and moved them. So I try to no longer keep my writings private.

The blog name The 10,000 Things refers to the ancient eastern philosophical term of that name which means everything in the universe